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Get. Stuff. Done. #INN7

As a past best of track and best of conference speaker, Day Kibilds indeed gets things done. She began her session “Get. Things Done.” saying she’s not necessarily an expert in any one thing (sidebar: you are, Day). Rather, she said she’s well-versed in many

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#heweb19 keynote Erik Qualman

Bestselling author, social influencer and motivational speaker Erik Qualman highlighted the #HEWEB19 Wednesday, Oct. 16, activities. Author of five well-known books on digital leadership — including “Socialnomics” and “What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube” — Qualman has brought his message to 53 countries and

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SNT 9: Influencer Marketing in Student Affairs

Presenters: Megan Rolfs, @megrolfs Josie Ahlquist, @josieahlquist Elena Roth @elena_roth21 Session Information Megan Rolfs, Director of Marketing and Communications at Illinois State University Student Affairs Division, Josie Ahlquist, Higher Ed Digital Engagement & Leadership Consultant and Elena Roth, Marketing Graduate Assistant at Illinois State University,

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Composing Continuously #INN3

The Composing Continuously panel presentation was a change to the innovation track.  The speakers included Charles Fulton, Paul Gilzow, and Royall Spence and the discussion was moderated by Robin Smail. They focused on an overview about Composer,  a dependency manager for PHP, with a particular

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AUD 1 Reframing the Digital Campus

Ryan Dee and Eric Rasmussen from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln talked about stages of civilization, web frameworks and CMSes, and how to successfully build a digital campus despite budget driven organization restructuring. In higher education, we all have to do less with more.

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AUD6: Researchers Among US

When it came time to redesign Emory University’s undergraduate admissions website, the team knew they had a tall task ahead. After all, the site did not have a working search bar at the time. But what followed was a project that not only lead to

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COM2: Inclusive Content Strategy

According to AmyJune Hineline from Kanopi Studios, “diversity” and “inclusion” aren’t the same, but they’re often lumped together as one idea. Diversity, she explained, is about representation; the array of differences in humans. Inclusion, however, is a conversation deepened by diversity. Diversity is when you count

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STR1: How to Solve Difficult Problems

People can come to you with some strange, emotional, downright frustrating requests, Sven Aas of Mount Holyoke College told an audience at High Ed Web 2019 Monday. But, he said, you can help solve those problems by taking the time to judge them fairly and