Website Development

Franklin College Leaves Deployments in the Dust and Finds Freedom for New Projects

Learn how the University of Georgia’s web services team sped up deployments in this partner article from Pantheon for the 2023 HighEdWeb Annual Conference.

2022 Conference Website Development

A look at higher ed websites: What’s working, and what’s not

Higher education websites are a vital part of the student recruitment process. Yet as a so-called “living” and evolving digital asset, there may be aspects that are not always fully optimized, inclusive or accessible. Learn more in this partner article from Monsido.

2014 Conference

Website Deathmatch – What I Learned by Choosing My NCAA Winners Based on Websites

Did you say Website Death Match? And picking the best college websites based on the NCAA DI college basketball tournament bracket? Well, heck, what’s not to love about this idea? That was the premise of Kelly Anne Pipe’s presentation (#MCS1) at HighEdWeb 14. Pipe, of St. Joseph’s University, decided it would make for an interesting […]