Ben Rapin

Announcing new treasurer at HighEdWeb

Ben Rapin was recently elected treasurer of the HighEdWeb Association. In this role, Ben will work with the Operations Director and Finance Committee members to oversee Association finances, serve as the Chair of the Finance Committee, and serve on the Executive Committee for the Board of Directors.

#HEWebHero Q&A: Dave Olsen

We asked our HEWeb community, who is your #HEWebHero? Erik Runyon recommended Dave Olsen, assistant director of digital marketing technology at West Virginia University. Dave is part of WVU’s university relations team and works closely with admissions on enrollment marketing. This spring, that was all

HEWebHero Q&A: Erik Runyon

#HEWebHero Q&A: Erik Runyon

We asked our HEWeb community, who is your #HEWebHero? Erik Runyon, technical director for marketing communications at the University of Notre Dame, has been developing websites for fun and profit since 1995, and joined the university in 2007. Erik enjoys chatting and writing about web

#HEWebHero Q&A: Liz Gross

#HEWebHero Q&A: Liz Gross

We asked our HEWeb community, who is your #HEWebHero? Liz Gross is the founder and CEO of Campus Sonar, but some may know her better for her Twitter presence. Liz, along with the Campus Sonar team, has been sharing a number of helpful resources surrounding

HeWebHero Q&A: Jeremy Tiers

#HEWebHero Q&A: Jeremy Tiers

We asked our HEWeb community, who is your #HEWebHero?  @CoachTiers for the weekly pep talk and reminder that as lost as we are, our students and their families are even more so and deserve more space, more attention, and more time. #HEWebHero — Janice Cheng-McConnell

HighEdWeb reaches out for people to suggest who their heroes are, with many wonderful responses about awesome folks in the community

Who is your #HEWebHero?

We don’t need to remind you that life is a little bit strange right now. You’ve probably written the phrase “uncertain times” in dozens of Facebook posts and other communications in the last few weeks. All of us at HighEdWeb know that our community members

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Get. Stuff. Done. #INN7

As a past best of track and best of conference speaker, Day Kibilds indeed gets things done. She began her session “Get. Things Done.” saying she’s not necessarily an expert in any one thing (sidebar: you are, Day). Rather, she said she’s well-versed in many

Erik Qualman with stack of books

#heweb19 keynote Erik Qualman

Bestselling author, social influencer and motivational speaker Erik Qualman highlighted the #HEWEB19 Wednesday, Oct. 16, activities. Author of five well-known books on digital leadership — including “Socialnomics” and “What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube” — Qualman has brought his message to 53 countries and

Students talking to each other at a cafe table. One has his hand out gesturing while another leans on her hand and look over a laptop, listening

SNT 9: Influencer Marketing in Student Affairs

Presenters: Megan Rolfs, @megrolfs Josie Ahlquist, @josieahlquist Elena Roth @elena_roth21 Session Information Megan Rolfs, Director of Marketing and Communications at Illinois State University Student Affairs Division, Josie Ahlquist, Higher Ed Digital Engagement & Leadership Consultant and Elena Roth, Marketing Graduate Assistant at Illinois State University,

The logo for Composer, a cartoon conductor with his arms raised over his head with a baton as if he's conducting an orchestra

Composing Continuously #INN3

The Composing Continuously panel presentation was a change to the innovation track.  The speakers included Charles Fulton, Paul Gilzow, and Royall Spence and the discussion was moderated by Robin Smail. They focused on an overview about Composer,  a dependency manager for PHP, with a particular