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Be a leader regardless of your role and title

Karlyn Borysenko is principal for Zen Workplace, and she will be presenting at the 2019 Leadership Academy. It’s a two-day deep-dive, immediately before the HighEdWeb Annual Conference, that offers leadership training to web leaders and managers. Leadership isn’t something reserved for individuals in the C-suite —

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Here’s How to Make Conflict Productive

Mike Powers wants you to use your imagination. “Picture this,” he started his best-of-track session titled “If They Would Just Listen to Us.” “The phone rings in a busy office. The person answers. A professor is on the line. He has a picture of his

Turn That Job Into a Profession

Presenter: George Sackett District Coordinator Web Communications, St. Louis Community College John Wagner Systems Programmer, Princeton University http://2013.highedweb.org/EventDetail.aspx?guid=37c45b47-109a-494c-9979-3eb58184107f I think someone is really gunning for “Best of Track” – starting out with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? Alright, I’ll take it. John took the propeller off