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Diversity on Higher Education Websites

Presented by Scott Olivieri. Session details. Presentation slides. “This session will be uncomfortable, but we have to talk about it,” Scott Olivieri said as a preface to his HighEdWeb 2018 presentation. Titled “Diversity on Higher Education Websites,” Olivieri examined ways institutions try—and many times fail—to portray

A close up of the Google Analytics Logo

A Day in the Life of an Analyst

When Aaron Baker arrived at Harvard last year, to begin work on web analytics, he had…Google Analytics, and its data. But that wasn’t really enough to do the kind of reporting that their office needed. While they had data, Aaron really needed to be able


Improv the Situation

Editor’s Note: Larry Falck, coordinator of digital media at Francis Marion University, earned a Red Stapler for best presentation in its track at #heweb15 with “Improv the Situation.” Larry was kind enough to create an adaptation in blog form with Link. Nothing in life is scripted. We walk

How to Boil the Ocean

MPD2 kicked off its second presentation with the crazy title of “How to Boil the Ocean” from the Washington University in St. Louis web team. Chris Amelung and Ted Elsas shared how they were overwhelmed with web duties on a campus creating breaking news almost

Beyond The Screen

Working in highered means that we have many different audiences to support and dozens of stories to tell. Sitting at your desk stagnates your ability to effectively talk to these groups. Amanda Smith from Illinois State University wants highered professionals to work “Beyond The Screen”

Jude’s Law

  Jude’s Law says that in order to sustain day to day creativity you have to be happy — and happy comes from having fun. Kegan Sims from Oregon State University just wants to have fun. His talk focused on the reality that highered folks

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YES YOU CAN! How to Train 650 CMS Users in 18 Months (with Only 3 Employees)

Presenters: Corie Martin Director, Creative Web Services, Western Kentucky University Diana Keeling Web Application Developer, Western Kentucky University http://2013.highedweb.org/EventDetail.aspx?guid=9b4e06a3-52f3-484e-952e-8784662dd311 Western Kentucky University found themselves tasked with a complete website recreation using a CMS a few years ago. Today, they shared with us how they managed

Turn That Job Into a Profession

Presenter: George Sackett District Coordinator Web Communications, St. Louis Community College John Wagner Systems Programmer, Princeton University http://2013.highedweb.org/EventDetail.aspx?guid=37c45b47-109a-494c-9979-3eb58184107f I think someone is really gunning for “Best of Track” – starting out with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? Alright, I’ll take it. John took the propeller off

Website of Dreams: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Presenters: Allison Manley, Owner/Designer, Rogue Element Inc. John Nollin, Director of Operations, Promet Source Andy Kucharski, Founder & CEO, Promet Source “Your website looks like it belongs to a credit union.” That’s the last thing that Grinnell College wanted to hear. This liberal arts school,

Social Media TOS Crash Course

Social Media TOS Crash Course Karine Joly #mpd3 Warning. What you read here today could be outdated tomorrow. Social media terms of service (TOS) can change. Often. Karine Joly of Higher Ed Experts helped HigherEdWeb attendees navigate through the wordy, often confusing, TOS from major

Living Dead Week

Jason Fish, Manager of  Application Programming, Purdue University Google has 20 percent time but presenter Jason Fish asks what are YOU doing to foster growth and innovation in yourself, your colleagues, and your organization? Purdue University’s IT group has “Living Dead Week” where designers and