2014 Conference

Jude’s Law


Jude’s Law says that in order to sustain day to day creativity you have to be happy — and happy comes from having fun. Kegan Sims from Oregon State University just wants to have fun. His talk focused on the reality that highered folks need to be creative on a regular basis  and that creativity is sparked by happiness. So he wants everyone to bring more fun to the office and make every day more positive for those around us.
“Play cannot just happen on the weekend. We spend too much time in the office to be unhappy when we are there,’ says Kegan. “Fill people up and the whole place gets brighter.”
Kegan talked about three key elements: Play, Control and Connect. Play focused on finding creative outlets at work (ie, the Seattle Fish Market); control meant owning your happiness and choosing your attitude (find a positive trigger heading into work to make the day start well) and connect in order to help people around you be happy too. While he talked about these key concepts his slide deck was randomly sharing fun facts about beavers, celebrity before and after photos and random ways to make people feel good.
“Your brain is a muscle and you have to exercise it. Be happy, be creative and be positive. Do something everyday to leave negative energy behind and build up your team. Everyone can be more productive in a happy work environment.”

Photo Credit: stevehdc via Compfight cc

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