2014 Conference

WordPress and Beer: Homebrew Web Applications with WordPress

Gabriel walked us through the similarities between brewing beer (home brew style) and WordPress, how they both have base ingredients, but when you tweak those ingredients, you can get a million different variations of a great product.

Beer = barley (grain), hops, yeast and water

WordPress = posts, pages, media, tags

Cool comparison.

Working from a base install of WordPress, you can build pretty much any nifty little web app you can dream of – and setting it up with some basic hooks into WordPress is pretty easy as he showed us. Gabriel walked us through the setup of his simple web app at, which is his ‘recipe’ site where you can go and figure out what kind of beer you want to make, and adjust your ingredient list to get the supply list of what you’ll need.

All the code examples are linked here:

Five Things I Learned from WordPress and Beer: Homebrew web applications with WP

  1. It’s important to know if the different between a post and a page in wordpress, and once you figure that out, the world is your oyster (custom post types are amazing and customizable to your hearts’ desire)
  2. Metaboxes are very powerful in WordPress, adding them to your post setup can give your users a much better experience as well as a better navigation for your app administration
  3. WordPress is a secure platform, and there are easy ways to minimize risk in your code to prevent hacking, and WordPress has built in data sanitizers to help you automatically (automattic, get it?)
  4. BeerXML exists and is way cool!
  5. Friends don’t let friends into their databases (“I don’t know about you, but I don’t let my friends into my databases” -Gabriel Nagmay)

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