WPCampus Partner Post: Creating meaningful editorial experiences with the WordPress REST API

WPCampus will hold its second annual in-person conference July 14-15, 2017 in Buffalo, NY. The WPCampus community, a gathering of web professionals, educators and people dedicated to the confluence of WordPress in higher education. They are producing sites from course blogs all the way up to powering large university front-facing web presences. WPCampus 2017 are […]

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HighEdWeb partner WPCampus announces online conference

Are you missing that #heweb excitement? Are you needing a creative boost for your WordPress projects? You can still experience WordPress sessions, expertise, and networking with users across the world without the expense and without the hassle of travel! Mark your calendar for an all-day virtual event on NEXT Monday, January 23, 2017, and join […]

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Give it a REST: Using the WordPress JSON REST API

Have you ever wanted to pull data out of your LDAP system and use it in your WordPress site? How about pulling data from WordPress to use in another system or in a mobile app? Or using structured data from a non-WordPress source in your CMS? The REST JSON API may help you to do […]

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Easy, Affordable Digital Signs with WordPress

How to get relevant campus-related news out to students? Greg Marshall, Web Services Manager at Truman State University argues that the majority of scholars doesn’t read their emails, doesn’t read college print materials and due to different target audiences, is hard to reach on social media. “The best way to reach them is to reach students […]

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WordPress and Beer: Homebrew Web Applications with WordPress

Gabriel walked us through the similarities between brewing beer (home brew style) and WordPress, how they both have base ingredients, but when you tweak those ingredients, you can get a million different variations of a great product. Beer = barley (grain), hops, yeast and water WordPress = posts, pages, media, tags Cool comparison. Working from […]

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Form Vs. Function: Is that a WP Theme or Plugin Function?

FInd out the best methods for adding new functionality to your WordPress site.