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HeWebHero Q&A: Jeremy Tiers

#HEWebHero Q&A: Jeremy Tiers

We asked our HEWeb community, who is your #HEWebHero?  @CoachTiers for the weekly pep talk and reminder that as lost as we are, our students and their families are even more so and deserve more space, more attention, and more time. #HEWebHero — Janice Cheng-McConnell

HighEdWeb reaches out for people to suggest who their heroes are, with many wonderful responses about awesome folks in the community

Who is your #HEWebHero?

We don’t need to remind you that life is a little bit strange right now. You’ve probably written the phrase “uncertain times” in dozens of Facebook posts and other communications in the last few weeks. All of us at HighEdWeb know that our community members

Higher Ed Web attendees sit and listen to a presentation

Announcing a new HighEdWeb membership level!

In an ongoing effort to educate digital professionals who work at higher education institutions, HighEdWeb is pleased to announce a new membership level – Institutional Membership. The Institutional Membership level is an affordable opportunity for higher education professionals to join the HighEdWeb community and receive

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Go, Team (HESM)!

Many of us have an opportunity once a year to meet up at a conference, learn from others, politely borrow ideas to bring back to our own institutions, and ask questions that can often only be answered by others in the field. Wouldn’t it be

Less is the new more

Simplicity is sophistication

Apple commercials came on in 1977, declaring “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Wouldn’t you know, our culture bought into it. Growing up, the dream for many of us was to be in a connected house. Coffee makers would program themselves to turn on at a

Conference attendees in the atrium

5 HeWebNE takeaways in 5 minutes

About 150 people attended HighEdWeb New England on March 18 and those in attendance heard mountains of great ideas from the presenters.  We picked just five to share with you, but there’s more plenty more to be found by following #hewebNE on Twitter. From Lisa

Sharing Matters

In 2014, Dave Cameron, Lead Web Producer and Content Strategist for Enrollment Management at Ithaca College,  taught us how to reclaim our humanity at work. Lately he’s been thinking a lot about what it means to be human. And Friday at HighEd Web New England during

Adrift in Data

Timothy Cigelske, Director of Social Media at Marquette University, also teaches a class on social measurement and analytics at the school. When he couldn’t find a textbook he liked, he decided to write his own. He was kind enough to let us reprint the introductory chapter

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The State of Social Media in Higher Ed

As far as social media is concerned, 2008 might as well have been five decades ago, not five years ago. Facebook had 100 million users — today, it boasts more than 10 times as many. Twitter logged 100 million tweets per quarter. (Currently, it sees

Your Mobile Strategy: More Walk, Less Talk.

Mobile web is the biggest tech trend ever. Like, EVER. It’s bigger than radio. Bigger than TV. It’s the biggest tech trend E-V-E-R. If you learned nothing else from the HighEdWeb 13 “Your Mobile Strategy: More Walk, Less Talk” session, Drew Hill (@drewl), Web Director