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Stop Taking Your School so Seriously

Presented by Melissa Dix and Bonnie Willison A few years ago, Beloit made a big mistake. A 30,000-person email-wide mistake. 30,000 high school sophomores and juniors received an email with the dreaded salutation,  Dear {first name}. Twitter blew up with students pointing at the glaring error.

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Beyond SEO: Writing Findable Content (MCS5)

“Findability is the biggest content problem in higher ed.” That’s how content strategist Rick Allen opened his session Beyond SEO: Writing Findable Content. He also debunked the myth that “SEO is dead,” a notion that’s becoming quite ubiquitous in online marketing. A notion that’s just


ALL THE THINGS! Gabriel Nagmay, Web Designer, Portland Community College Serving 100,000+ students a year, Portland Community College is the largest institution of higher learning in the state of Oregon. As the lead web designer for the college, Nagmay works with a small, but very

Web Content Strategy (MCS 8)

Web Content Strategy: Effective Pairing Multimedia, Social Media and Text Romana Amato, Web Strategist for Saint Xavier University Romana summed up her content strategy goal as working to create a distinct user experience. While simply said, there are many steps to achieving that outcome. First,

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Fording the Social Media Channel

Fording the Social Media Channel Ma’ayan Plaut, Social Media Coordinator, Oberlin College, and Mallory Wood, Marketing Manager, mStoner Ma’ayan Plaut of Oberlin College and Mallory Wood of mStoner took attendees on a trip down the Oregon Trail of social media, giving users a strategy to

Top 5 Developments in Higher Ed: #heweb12 Edition

If you believe the futurist Raymond Kurzweil, humanity is entering a phase of it’s existence where technology will start to merge with our humanity at a downright dizzying pace. In his book “The Singularity is Near” Kurzweil envisions a future where humans live forever, we’ll

​How UW-Milwaukee re-designed for the LAST time

How UW-Milwaukee redesigned for the LAST time John Mills, Digital Designer, University of Wisconsin-Milwauke Sounds final. You know what they say, “never say never.” He sees what he does as being at the center of the combination art, science, and philosophy. 30k students. Centralized infrastructure