2018 Conference Social Media

Are You Addicted to Data? Balancing the Heart and Mind in Your Content Strategy (MCS2)

Liz Gross and Andrew Cassel entered the session room tossing out vital organs to audience members. This distribution of hearts and brains set the stage for a presentation about the tug of war we often face between our feelings and “the numbers.” Each speaker played their role well. Andrew, of University of Alaska Fairbanks and […]

2017 Conference Marketing

Other Duties as Assigned: Developing a Podcast

Serial. Invisibilia. S-Town. Missing Richard Simmons. Podcasts have exploded as a new way to consume stories and information, and Jackie Vetrano of Skidmore College decided to dive in. This is Skidmore is the award-winning podcast now nearly 2 years and 30 episodes old, and Jackie shared her insight and tips for those of us who […]

2016 Conference Content Creation Social Media The Working World

Share Human: The Value of Sharing Beyond Authenticity

Ithaca College’s Dave Cameron (no, not THAT Dave Cameron. Or the other one. This one.) brought down the house at last year’s HighEdWeb New England with his “Share Human” keynote. He brought a version of that talk to #heweb16. Dave starts with the reminder that “the entire point of being human… is to share.”┬áHe started […]

2014 Conference Social Media

Engaging Prospective College Students and Their Parents Online: E-Expectations 2014

In recent years, social media and use of mobile devices by students have changed how prospective college students and parents research and interact with campuses. How can campuses adapt their content and e-recruitment strategies to effectively engage with these very different audiences? Stephanie Geyer, VP for Web Strategy and Interactive Marketing Services at Noel-Levitz, and […]