COM9: Slay It by Ear: Building a Better University Podcast

43 episodes ago in February 2018, Julie Bartucca, Tom Breen, and Ken Best decided to launch UConn360 – a podcast from the University of Connecticut to tell stories in a different way. Julie explained how she had an idea to start a podcast thanks to her mini-obsession, and Tom had experience with podcasting plus was […]

2017 Conference Marketing

Other Duties as Assigned: Developing a Podcast

Serial. Invisibilia. S-Town. Missing Richard Simmons. Podcasts have exploded as a new way to consume stories and information, and Jackie Vetrano of Skidmore College decided to dive in. This is Skidmore is the award-winning podcast now nearly 2 years and 30 episodes old, and Jackie shared her insight and tips for those of us who […]

2016 Conference

Higher Ed Social Podcast explores HighEdWeb, #heweb16

Higher Ed Social, a podcast co-hosted by Lougan Bishop of Belmont University and Jackie Vetrano of Skidmore College, recently spoke with a couple of leaders behind the fun that is HighEdWeb and the Oct. 16-19 #heweb16 conference in Memphis. Higher Education Web Professionals President Colleen Brennan-Barry of Monroe Community College and #heweb16 Conference Chair Tonya Oaks-Smith […]