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A screen shot of emory's admissons site, showing a professor in a jacket lecturing in front of a blackboard

AUD6: Researchers Among US

When it came time to redesign Emory University’s undergraduate admissions website, the team knew they had a tall task ahead. After all, the site did not have a working search bar at the time. But what followed was a project that not only lead to

Presenter on stage in front of a slide showing an image from the movie LORD OF THE RINGS with the text BE SAM GAMGEE

HighEdWeb is a TEAm sport

Building and maintaining a higher ed website is too big a task for any single person. Even those heroic “armies of one” (we see you, friends!) who manage their school’s sites on their own still have to deal with navigating intrapersonal relationships and politics throughout

Erik Qualman with stack of books

6+ questions with #heweb19 keynote Erik Qualman

We know that HighEdWeb conferences bring some of the best speakers in the world. This year’s #heweb19 conference in Milwaukee continues that trend as bestselling author, social influencer and motivational speaker Erik Qualman will highlight Wednesday, Oct. 16, activities. Author of five well-known books on

Stop Repeating Yourself: Modularized WordPress Development

Jim Barnes Web Applications Developer, University of Central Florida Jo Dickson Web Applications Programmer, University of Central Florida https://2016reg.highedweb.org/psessions/detail/691667c1-72fe-4974-8f23-18efc701eb87 Jim and Jo’s office is supporting 36 sites using the same core code, but copying WordPress themes across sites.  Most functionality is defined a common theme, with limited plugins.