2019 Conference

HighEdWeb is a TEAm sport

Building and maintaining a higher ed website is too big a task for any single person. Even those heroic “armies of one” (we see you, friends!) who manage their school’s sites on their own still have to deal with navigating intrapersonal relationships and politics throughout the rest of the institution, not to mention dealing with […]

Association News

Announcing call for board nominations

Nominate someone to help shape the future of the association.

2018 Conference Management & Professional Development

Getting your leadership on with Management and Professional Development (#MPD)

If you are a first-time attendee at the HighEdWeb conference, you might do a double-take when you look at the schedule and notice a track marked “Management and Professional Development” (aka #MPD). After all, this is a web conference! One might be forgiven for thinking it should be full of nothing but code, content management […]

Social Media

Is a Niche Social Network Right For Your School?

Social networks targeted to certain niches of the population — the smaller and less well-known sites — might also serve your institution’s goals.