2019 Conference

AUD6: Researchers Among US

When it came time to redesign Emory University’s undergraduate admissions website, the team knew they had a tall task ahead. After all, the site did not have a working search bar at the time. But what followed was a project that not only lead to a new site, but a new working model for branding […]

2017 Conference Usability

UAD4: Don’t Let A Redesign Drive You To Drink

“If you do not have communication with the folks that are going to be involved in this process….your project has the possibility of falling apart,” Sassone said.

2016 Conference

One Size Fits None: Remaking a College Site for a Content Hungry Generation

Christopher Jones, Direcor of Web Communications at North Central College has partnered with Ardis Kadiu from Spark451 to discuss how these two organizations have maneuvered through a redesign in UAD4. Content is a design problem. Good web design starts with content. Today’s prospective students: expectations and behavior The generational gaps are becoming shorter, meaning expectations […]