2018 Conference Marketing

Level Up: Using Gamification in Content Strategy and Marketing Campaigns

Presented by Mitch Canter He was dressed for the part. A self-proclaimed nerd, Mitch Canter’s presentation ensemble was topped off with a Nintendo-controller hat. A perfect way to set the mood for a session on gamification. Mitch opened up talking about his interest (obsession?) with video games and other nerdy stuff. But he also developed […]

2016 Conference

Shall We Play a Game? Gaming the System, When the System Is Your Learning Management System

Nikki Massaro Kauffman loved Mary Poppins growing up, partially for the way Mary turns work into a game. Now she argues that we need more gamification¬†in our schools to help promote learning for all students. In her red stapler winning talk at #heweb16,¬†Massaro Kauffman, a Multimedia Specialist and Interaction Designer at Penn State,¬†discussed the ways […]