The Boxers of March: Perls of Wisdom Edition

March might be our favorite month of the year here at The Boxers. Not only is it a month where really cool people have birthdays but it’s time for March Madness (Far be it from us to encourage gambling, but take our free advice: Stay away from Gonzaga in your brackets. No good will come […]

Link Boxers: Monsters U; Graduating in a timely manner; Schools & Shortys

It may be a new year full of new promises, but this edition of the Boxers likes to think that the classics never go out of style, especially when Pixar is involved.

Boxers: The Why Can’t We Be Friends Edition

It’s The Holiday Season, and here at the Boxers that means our thoughts turn to the worst holiday song of all time, pulling out our Charlie Brown Christmas DVD…. and to watching cat fights between internet companies.

2012 Conference

Top 5 Developments in Higher Ed: #heweb12 Edition

If you believe the futurist Raymond Kurzweil, humanity is entering a phase of it’s existence where technology will start to merge with our humanity at a downright dizzying pace. In his book “The Singularity is Near” Kurzweil envisions a future where humans live forever, we’ll upload our minds into computers, and virtual reality is the […]

Link Boxers: September 2012

A Google-esque college homepage; Higher Ed’s dirty little secret (one of them, at least); Another MSM folly RE: memes

Mobile MOOC

Link Boxers: Savage ideas; Square Deals at SBX; Are You a Big MOOC?

News from the tech and web world that’s keeping us entertained this summer.

Link Boxers: Trend Watch, iPads are Cool, Social Programmers

Higher Ed trends; Being declared “cool” in a court of law; Coding, socially

Link Boxers: HIPPO Tweets; Campus Tours, punk’d; Resumes put to the test

It’s June and here at Boxers, our thoughts have turned to grilled meats, cold beverages and a nice afternoon on the deck. But the boss wanted another column, so here it is. We apologize if we got any barbeque sauce on it.

Link Boxers: 2tor; Mo’ Money in Higher Ed; Instagram

Summer is here! That means everything slows down and you can take it easy as…. oh, who are we trying to kid?

Link Boxers: Crisis Communications with a Non-crisis, Web 2.0 Cheating, and iPhones as Far as the iCanSee

Somehow, we’ve been doing this for a year now. Somehow, the academic year is rapidly coming to a close. And somehow, a column with as silly a name as this has survived a year too.

Link Boxers: Google+, SxSW, That Recruitment Video is a Horror Show

It’s March, and that can only mean one thing: workplace productivity is about to swirl the drain as college basketball takes center stage….er, I mean, “Hi Boss, how are you? No, just keeping my nose to the grindstone here. Lots of hard work going on. Have you checked out our Klout score recently? Whooeee!”

Link Boxers: It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine

Program your New Year’s resolution in javascript ; customer service #epicfail; CES 2012

Boxers: The Conspicuous Consumption Edition

Angry Birds Turns Two, Foursquare Triples, Facebook + Dayton U = $50K scholarship

Link Boxers: Google +*&#$ Klout

One f*cking great promotional website, let some Klout out of your Klout, opening the door to your Google+ page

Link Boxers: Geolocation, Google and Zagat, Hackathon

As school starts, the leaves turn and our thoughts point to how we can get more #GirlsUnderTrees on our web sites, there have been some keen techy nuggets floating around the news wires.

Link Boxers: There’s Pr0n on the Internet?!?! Edition

Remember when summertime used to be slow and there wasn’t much news and the politicians walked arm-in-arm singing kumbaya while they enacted policies that benefitted the nation? Nah, we don’t either. Here are some of the latest items that caught our eye in this busy summer.

Link Boxers

What’s forecasted for iCloud; Toshiba anti-iPad; High-speed internet, low price?

Link Boxers

A Meal Ticket for Delicious; Blogging: Dude, Don’t Be Lame;The Student Loan Debt is Real, Though

Link boxers, not briefs

RIP Flip, But They Still Won’t be Able to Take a Walk of Shame, Insert Picture of Giant Ball of Twine Here