Social Media

#EpicFail: A Tale of Snow and Social Media

At the University of Michigan-Flint, a student-deemed #epicfail became an important lesson in the evolution of social communication. If there’s one danger in the realm of social media, it’s becoming comfortable and resting on laurels. The living, breathing social media beast needs constant attention, and so do its users.


Google Analytics: Who Cares?

As an analytical person, Google Analytics was my playground when I began working with it 3 years ago. But, as my knowledge in higher-ed and web marketing was strengthened, I realized Analytics could do more than just ‘reports’.

The Working World

Stop the Presses

While it took me a while to get used to the quiet and the slower pace, over time I realized that my immersion in an online newsroom had uniquely prepared me for the challenges of higher-ed web communications. While the context, and what’s at stake, varies greatly between journalism and higher education, many of the same communication principles apply.

Link boxers, not briefs

RIP Flip, But They Still Won’t be Able to Take a Walk of Shame, Insert Picture of Giant Ball of Twine Here

Six Questions

Six Questions with Todd Sanders

For those of us that follow Todd on Twitter and tweeted till our fingers were numb, the hashtag #MBteamS will be forever ingrained in our brains–and muscle memory of our digits. We decided to pick Todd’s brain about his take on his community of followers, Twitter and higher ed.

Workplaces Revealed

Workplaces Revealed: Jeff Stevens, U of Florida

Our office helps ease clients’ anxieties when coming to us. We use a neutral color scheme of earthy colors to create a calming atmosphere. Our front area, used for large client meetings, has a display of artwork, photography, and examples of past projects to define the space as a creative work area.