Management & Professional Development

A Conceptual Framework for Effective Web Governance in Higher Education

Understanding the web as public versus private, or Internet versus intranet, is a simplification that does not reflect the significant differences that exist in nearly every higher education web site –there are six components that make up college and university web sites today.

Link Boxers: Crisis Communications with a Non-crisis, Web 2.0 Cheating, and iPhones as Far as the iCanSee

Somehow, we’ve been doing this for a year now. Somehow, the academic year is rapidly coming to a close. And somehow, a column with as silly a name as this has survived a year too.

Technological Developments

The Science of Games: Why the Game Layer is the (Present and) Future of the Web

The basic tenets of play enable us to explore new and innovative solutions in safe spaces, to experiment in ways perhaps not possible in “real” life, and to motivate one another (and ourselves) to take much-needed and desired actions.

ALL CAPS Social Media

ALL CAPS: Pinterest

Pinterest: valuable tool for higher education?

Six Questions

Six Questions with Jamie Ceman

Jamie Ceman, marketing director for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, shares why – and how – integrated marketing communications works.


Letter from the Publisher

A year? Where does the time go?