Link Boxers: Google+, SxSW, That Recruitment Video is a Horror Show

It’s March, and that can only mean one thing: workplace productivity is about to swirl the drain as college basketball takes center stage….er, I mean, “Hi Boss, how are you? No, just keeping my nose to the grindstone here. Lots of hard work going on. Have you checked out our Klout score recently? Whooeee!”

In that spirit of productivity, we give you our monthly snapshot of things around the web.

Google+ a ghost town?

Google’s big bet on social media has been out aggressively telling its story, complete with Muppets, but it still seems to be searching for an identity. Conflicting media reports in recent months haven’t helped. Google says G+ has more than 90 million users and is growing faster than anyone expected.  The Wall Street Journal thinks the service is a ghost town, citing data that says the average user only spends 3 minutes a month there, compared to 6 hours for the average Facebook user. Has Google+ found a foothold at your institution?

How are you using it and is it paying dividends? We’d love to hear about your stories.

That other event in Austin has tech implications too.

Apparently there’s a little get together going on in Austin. It’s been getting just a touch of coverage in the press. The Instagram folks used SxSW to say they’re finally getting around to introducing an Android App. Soonish. Which will be good news if you’re looking to get your school more involved with Instagram and don’t have an iPhone. And Ad Age suggests that one “social discovery” apps are all the rage in Austin this year.

What that means for colleges remains to be seen.

What are your big take aways from the Austin Extravaganza?

Recruiting, with a side of Wes Craven

There have been some cute and funny attempts at recruiting videos over the years. The University of Rochester just put together a charming video that cashes in on this “hip-hop” stuff that seems to be catching on with the kids. Personally, I’m still waiting for the hula-hoop craze to die down before I go investing my energy in another fad.

Leave it to the Australians, however, to break the mold. Actually this video breaks the mold, then jumps up and down on the pieces, sets those pieces on fire, and drives over the smoldering remains with a truck. If you’re squeamish, don’t click that link. If you’re not, take a look at how the Central Institute of Technology is working to attract students. Can any Aussies tell us if it worked?