Social Media

In Defense of Human Tweeting

In August 2010, I made a simple change: I replaced the University of Rochester logo as the Twitter avatar with my own bespectacled mug, and was up front in the bio that the tweets were coming from me, Lori in Wallis Hall.

The Working World

What exactly would you say, you know, you do here?

People go by many names and titles, be it web manager, specialist, strategist, master, maven, guru or overlord. Titles are about as useful as job descriptions in predicting what exactly you will do.

Social Media

Social Media Novice

New social media platforms were constantly discussed; I got tired of being left out of the conversation.

Link Boxers

A Meal Ticket for Delicious; Blogging: Dude, Don’t Be Lame;The Student Loan Debt is Real, Though

From the Publisher

Are we on the right track? Let us know.

Workplaces Revealed

Workplaces Revealed: Lacy Paschal, Vanderbilt

My workspace definitely has a direct impact on how I work and interact with colleagues and clients – the more inspirational and “me” it is, the better!