Workplaces Revealed

Workplaces Revealed: Bruce Floyd, University of Florida

I work as a part of the University of Florida’s Marketing group in Tigert Hall, the main administration building and share the space with traditional marketers, PR folks, the news desk and part of the Creative Services team. The area is active as we are constantly either sending information out to the public about the […]

Link Boxers: Geolocation, Google and Zagat, Hackathon

As school starts, the leaves turn and our thoughts point to how we can get more #GirlsUnderTrees on our web sites, there have been some keen techy nuggets floating around the news wires.


Panoramas: A How-To

Panoramas can be created easily using Photoshop, and can be a great addition to your normal photo rotation.

Design Usability

Personas: How creating user profiles can help inform design decisions

Web design has a simple goal: to convey to the user the desired message in the most effective manner possible. An infinite number of design possibilities exist; however, the “right” design choices rely on the web designer understanding the audience. When beginning a project, the team should determine the target audience of the piece. Once […]

Association News

Austin, Here We Come!

Whether you’re attending heweb2011 online or in the flesh, Link’s got you covered.