Austin, Here We Come!

Photo courtesy of atmtx@flickr

I am eagerly counting down the days until HighEdWeb 2011 in Austin, Texas!   If you’ve been to a heweb conference before, you know that they’re rare breed, packing industry know-how with camaraderie and tons of fun.

And if you haven’t — well, you’re in for a treat. (Wait’ll you see the awesome surprises the conference committee has planned.)

This year’s conference will be the first of which Link will be a part.  Last year, Link was just a twinkle in Dan Frommelt’s eye — this year, we’ve got seven issues under our belt and will take an active role in the conference.

Here’s what you can expect:

Live conference blogging

Link staffers and friends will blog HighEdWeb 2011’s conference sessions, keeping you up-to-date on all the developments, tips, hints, tricks and even memes (Squirrels, anyone?) to come out of this year’s presentations.

The first-ever print version of Link

Working hand-in-hand with the conference committee, our staff is turning out a magazine/conference brochure, ensuring you have all the info you need to conquer this year’s conference. You’ll find the information you’ll need to get around the conference, along with the kinds of articles and insight we hope you’ve come to expect from Link.

Link staffers’ know-how on display

Speaking of insight, Link is fortunate to be staffed with professionals with a wide depth and breadth of knowledge, and several of our own will have their talents on display.

Look for Lacy Tite’s presentation, Using WordPress to Power Your Institution’s Entire News Presence, on Monday 10/24 at 8:30am (poke around these sites as examples of Lacy’s WP prowess).

Check out Jeff Stevens’ presentation, I’d Buy That For a Dollar: What Robocop Can Teach us about Alumni Engagement, will be held on Tuesday, 10/25 at 8:30am.

Stop by the poster session on Tuesday, 10/25 starting at 3:30pm to:

Follow David Anderson as he takes us on A Brief Trip Through Content Strategy
Hear Jaime Hunt wonder What Do You Mean There is No Web Strategy?
Learn from Lori Packer about Getting Started with HTML5 and,
Light up with Zac Vineyard’s Flick of the Switch: Turning on the LAMP in Just 30 Minutes

HighEdWeb After Dark: Link Party

Over a game of solids and stripes at Buffalo Billiards, we’d love to hear more about what you’re doing as a highedweb professional and how Link can better serve you.  (And if you’re looking to pitch a story idea, we’re up for that too!) Meet us Monday 10/24 at 7pm.

Our next online issue of Link will coincide with the start of conference sessions on Monday, October 24 – we’ll be blogging away  — but you’ll have the print version in your hands the moment you check in to the conference.

Looking forward to seeing you Austin!