Workplaces Revealed: Bruce Floyd, University of Florida

computers on a desk

I work as a part of the University of Florida’s Marketing group in Tigert Hall, the main administration building and share the space with traditional marketers, PR folks, the news desk and part of the Creative Services team. The area is active as we are constantly either sending information out to the public about the University or receiving content from internal or external sources. It’s a pretty casual group, but I’m usually the most casual in my jeans and Chuck Taylors.

desk and bookcase

My "analog" desk.

iCade gaming console and iPad

Battlezone, anyone?

stuffed alligator on the floor

Albert, the Florida gator.

My office walls are pretty sparse as I don’t really have an eye for decor. In fact, my idea of room decoration involved the purchase of an iCade, which I have displayed prominently on my otherwise “analog” desk. I created this non-computer space behind me for sketching out wireframes and clearing my head without having a monitor and screen to distract me. My primary desk, however, houses my MacBook Pro 15″ and an old Apple Cinema Display.

clipboard with to do list, QR codeI also typically keep a cache of Sharpie pens and an old clipboard with white paper for note taking and brainstorming.