Link Boxers: HIPPO Tweets; Campus Tours, punk’d; Resumes put to the test

It’s June and here at Boxers, our thoughts have turned to grilled meats, cold beverages and a nice afternoon on the deck. But the boss wanted another column, so here it is. We apologize if we got any barbeque sauce on it.

It’s not really a party until the academics weigh in….

We have proof this Twitter thing might be more than a passing fad. What is this proof you ask? College presidents are using it! It says so right here in this list of 50 High-Profile Higher Ed Administrator tweeters. Next thing you know, the politicians will catch on! And then it’s time to find another social media out…wait, what’s that you say? Oh damn.

Well, anyway, this list has some interesting accounts, from Ohio State boss E. Gordon Gee to Amherst honcho Biddy Martin. The criteria aren’t exactly spelled out, and clearly there are some names omitted here. Did anyone from your campus make the cut? Anyone left off that should be here?

And the beds are all queen sized! With a coffee maker and flat-screen built in!

Want to know what high school students really think of your campus tours? This video from some students at the Northwood School, provides some good insight. (Hat tip to @MalloryWood for the find). From the riff about ID cards, to jokes about the size of the school pool, to pointing out that the fictional school has more than 1 trillion clubs, the high school kids provide some withering insight into the sameness and promises on a lot of campus tours. Watch it, and give some thought to the tours on your campus.

Getting Smarterer

Recent grads be aware. Employers are preparing to double check your resume. Forbes reports on a Boston-based start up called Smarterer that creates user generated tests designed to let employers know you’re not lying about the skills you list on your resume. Yahoo might want to look into this.

Smarterer recently banked $1.75 million in venture capital and its usage numbers are growing. The company has been partnering with networking sites like and Branchout in an effort to increase usage, Forbes says. Company officials say their wiki-esque test building system leads to more incisive results that will be beneficial to applicant and employer alike. It will be interesting to see of this kind of crowd-sourced resume checking catches on.

A sneak peek

Believe it or not, October isn’t all that far away. If you’re already jonesing to know what the schedule for #HEWeb12, the National Conference in Milwaukee,  will look like, committee organizers posted a tentative schedule. The schedule will be fleshed out as more acceptances flow in, but for now, you can get a head start on picking which sessions you’ll want to drop in to.