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HighEdWeb: The Membership Model

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce we are working to formalize membership structure for the Higher Education Web Professionals Association.

Marketing The Working World

BRAAAAAINS! Or, How Radford’s Halloween Web Project Made the Washington Post

Pushing the envelope in higher education is not always easy, so imagine the challenge when you want to transform the envelope into a zombie that wants to eat your students’ brains.

Marketing Six Questions

Six Questions with Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson, an experienced higher ed marketing professional, shares his thoughts on what he sees as marketing/Web/comm departments’ biggest gaps, his pet peeves and greatest lessons learned.

From the Editor

While I’m still digesting all of the killer ideas I came away with from the conference, I’m struck by the notion that you can boil down a lot of the messaging into two key questions: so what? and why not?

Workplaces Revealed

Workplaces Revealed: Donna Talarico, Elizabethtown College

Donna Talarico is integrated marketing manager at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pa. She loves cheese, craft beer and Scrabble.

Link Boxers: Google +*&#$ Klout

One f*cking great promotional website, let some Klout out of your Klout, opening the door to your Google+ page

2011 Conference

HEWEB11 Wrap-Up

Much like the live music that made its host city famous, High Ed Web 11 jammed, from the early early morning till the early, early night. For four solid days.

2011 Conference

Man in #000000 – heweb11

If you were lucky enough to be at The HighBall on October 25, you got to see some very special hewebbers pay tribute to Johnny Cash.

2011 Conference The Working World

Groundhog Day again? Really?

I love higher education. But like any relationship, what originally attracts and enchants can later be irritating and disappointing.