HighEdWeb: The Membership Model

heweb logoThe HighEdWeb Board of Directors is pleased to announce we are working to formalize membership structure for the Higher Education Web Professionals Association.

Membership is an important step for the Association, and we want to get it right.  Membership represents that we, as an Association, have established ourselves as an acknowledged and respected professional body.  It means that we, as professionals, have elected to join a group to support each other.  It means that we can join the W3C and contribute to the Web standards we use every day. And it means that we, together, will grow and move forward to continue to advance Web professionals, technologies and standards in higher education.

We considered a number of membership models, based on a survey of similar organizations and on potential member feedback, and believe the initial levels we are proposing represent a positive starting point for the development of Association membership.

Initial benefits of membership at all levels would include:

  • Discount on conference registrations
  • Access to locked conference and Association-related content
  • Early conference registration notice

Further benefits will likely be added in the future, and might include things such as access to white papers/research repositories on technical and professional issues, salary surveys, standards and job descriptions. Much of what is included will depend on feedback from you, our future members.

Please review the proposal’s details and give the Board of Directors your feedback.