We are all scientists!

If we think about how we go about our daily tasks of creating and maintaining our institutions’ websites, we may realize we’re a little more science-minded than we expected.

2012 Conference Management & Professional Development

Education: Impacts and Transformations in the Social Media Era

Education: Impacts and Transformations in the Social Media Era Martha Gabriel, Professor / writer, HSM Education Martha Gabriel is an engineer, postgraduate in Marketing and Design, holds a Master’s Degree in Art and is pursuing a PhD in Art. She is a leader and professor of the Marketing MBA course at HSM Education, and the […]

Content Creation Marketing

Unlock with the Konami code

When up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A is added to a higher ed site, magic happens.

Workplaces Revealed

Workplaces Revealed: Susan Ragland, Tarrant County College

As Web Content Editor of Tarrant County College Susan Ragland develops and provides mandatory training for all website contributors. She is also responsible for maintaining the college district’s official social media accounts. With five campuses, an enrollment of about 50,000 and a full-time Web staff of only three, maintaining the site can be challenging. Susan’s […]

Marketing Six Questions

Six Questions with Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson, an experienced higher ed marketing professional, shares his thoughts on what he sees as marketing/Web/comm departments’ biggest gaps, his pet peeves and greatest lessons learned.

Social Media

2011 Commencement Roundup

We’ve assembled a sampling of things #highered folks tackled this year. Professionals in departments ranging from IT to marketing and all shades in between forged ahead this year to expand all things communication surrounding commencement ceremonies.