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Workplaces Revealed: Susan Ragland, Tarrant County College

E’erybody has a whiteboard
And... more whiteboards.
Dual monitors, baby!
Doing the math.

As Web Content Editor of Tarrant County College Susan Ragland develops and provides mandatory training for all website contributors. She is also responsible for maintaining the college district’s official social media accounts. With five campuses, an enrollment of about 50,000 and a full-time Web staff of only three, maintaining the site can be challenging. Susan’s official policy on life is “challenge, schmallenge,” which interestingly enough, Susan claims is also her middle name. Susan serves as co-chief editor of Link, and also co-chaired the Marketing, Management and Professional Development track for the national HighEdWeb Conference held in Austin.

E’erybody has a whiteboard–These are my two walls-o-dry erase boards. Not sure what I’d do without them.

Holiday Time is Nigh–my little fiber-optic tree with computer parts as ornaments has been with me since my previous gig at East Central University. It now adds the festive touch to my digs at TCC.

Holiday Time is Nigh
Better watch out, better not cry
Don’t forget the Dr. Pepper!

Don’t forget the Dr. Pepper!–Just a regular U-shaped desk full of junk. Note the obligatory morning Sonic Dr. Pepper.

Dual monitors, baby!–Yeah, I know I’m not special. This is a must for us Web-peeps. I often have way too many post-it notes stuck to my monitor. We were working out the details for the chancellor’s holiday e-card. My desk was to be the set for the photo.

Do the math–I actually spent a day putting pencil to paper and worked out pixel to inches and what that might mean for photographing a wrapped gift and other desky stuff. We wanted our holiday card landing page to have a real-life feel. Note the masking tape denoting the equivalent of what our chancellor might see based on her monitor’s resolution settings (smart, huh?).

Better watch out, better not cry…–We were getting closer to setting up for the photo shoot. The ladder is there for our photographer to take a bird’s eye view of the set. While responsive design is great for a lot of things, we actually chose to allow those with larger resolutions to get a view of more of the story of the image. As soon as the chancellor sends out her e-card, I’ll post a link here and add the final image for you to see the progression.

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