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Pragmatic Emergency Preparedness

A solution allowing for rapid, broad changes by an individual web professional, so institutions can get out urgent messages quickly.

Workplaces Revealed

Workplaces Revealed: John Jackson, Virginia Tech

As a kid in school, I tried to avoid the principal’s office. Not that the principal at my grade school was a bad guy, but I was more worried about the repercussions at home. I found some small irony in that childhood strategy when I learned that my current workplace was the principal’s office when it was once Blacksburg Elementary School.

Six Questions

Six Questions with Karlyn Borysenko

Karlyn Borysenko, the Director of Social Media at Southern New Hampshire University, earned a Best in Track Red Stapler Award at HighEdWeb 2011 for her presentation, “What Colleges Can Learn from the Insane Clown Posse.”
Karyln, “fascinated with the role that psychology plays in our working lives,” is pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology from Capella University.

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In the Trenches: Combating the Issues that Face Higher Ed Web

Things in Higher Ed are better than we let on. But how do we build on our awesomeness to help our institutions be successful?

Link Boxers: It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine

Program your New Year’s resolution in javascript ; customer service #epicfail; CES 2012