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Still Slacking Off (AIM8)

Conversations: All. Over. The. Place. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. In 2014, Lacy Paschal found her team of 12 at Vanderbilt University buried in email. To defeat this monster, her office implemented a new tool and process. Overwhelmed turned to organized. Scattered turned to streamlined.

One Cool Thing — Everyday

How can you make an app based on your communication strategy? Should you? Dan Kim and Jennifer Judge Hensel from the University of Michigan College of Engineering promise to help us think it through in AIM10. The One Cool Thing app launched in Fall 2014,

A digital sign promoting Truman State's 5k.

Easy, Affordable Digital Signs with WordPress

How to get relevant campus-related news out to students? Greg Marshall, Web Services Manager at Truman State University argues that the majority of scholars doesn’t read their emails, doesn’t read college print materials and due to different target audiences, is hard to reach on social media.

tolls on a wall.

At Your Service: The Next Generation of Offline Websites

Erik Runyon Technical Director, University of Notre Dame erikrunyon.com https://2016reg.highedweb.org/psessions/detail/0a51e842-86df-43da-820e-6784c0b3980c Time is valuable. Tension of waiting is palpable. There are lots of things that raise our stress levels…things like standing in line, watching a horror movie…and waiting for web pages to load. In fact, the heart rate

WordPress to the nth Power: Multisite and Beyond

WordPress to the nth Power: Multisite and Beyond Curtiss Grymala, University Webmaster, University of Mary Washington Last year about this time, University of Mary Washington launched its new website using WordPress (WP) for its CMS. In the intro to his presentation, Curtiss Grymala, webmaster at

The Care and Feeding of Your Vendor

The Care & Feeding of Your Vendor Fran Zablocki, Project Manager, mStoner, and Colleen Brennan-Barry, Assistant Director, College & Community Relations, Monroe Community College Colleen is an assistant director of community relations at a community college. Fran is a strategist for creative Web agency. Can

Top 5 Developments in Higher Ed: #heweb12 Edition

If you believe the futurist Raymond Kurzweil, humanity is entering a phase of it’s existence where technology will start to merge with our humanity at a downright dizzying pace. In his book “The Singularity is Near” Kurzweil envisions a future where humans live forever, we’ll

Cloud Computing: Planning for Success

Cloud Computing: Planning for Success Jason Fish, Manager of Application Programming, Purdue University This session appeared to be for adults only with a focus on how we can satisfy our users (give them more for them to choose); perform better (meet technology needs); last longer