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Cloud Computing: Planning for Success

Cloud Computing: Planning for Success
Jason Fish, Manager of Application Programming, Purdue University

This session appeared to be for adults only with a focus on how we can satisfy our users (give them more for them to choose); perform better (meet technology needs); last longer (meet user demands) and pick people up (use other platforms to connect like G+ and facebook).

With his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, Jason took us on a tour of ways Purdue manages its sites. Resources to help with speed included and He also showed how they used to test the breaking point for number of users able to be served. When tested with their Hotseat app (which supports 50 faculty and thousands of students) they found that caching popular content decreased many of their load issues.

The newest Purdue app is called Passport. It supports badge-based learning where faculty create challenges and students earn badges for completing the tasks. After reaching out to their TriForce (security, Registrar and contract developers) Purdue is working to add this to the cloud to expand this app.

Jason said “For some the cloud is God’s gift to the internet, for others the devil is in the details. I am in the middle.” He went on to say that “We should innovate where strategic and standardize everywhere else. Our teams need to focus energy on enhancing tools – not recreating what others have already figured out.”

To that end, Passport uses facebook, G+ and dropbox APIs to enhance users ability to connect. Users who would like to apply for beta testing can contact the team at

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