2017 Conference Management & Professional Development

#MPD4: “I Have All These Apps – Why Can’t I Get More Done?!”

Amy Calhoun’s session description was certainly intriguing – save enough time to take Fridays off? Yes, please! Amy introduced her talk with this video: Amy’s first bit of advice was to take the word “busy” out of our conversations. “To me, busy implies that the person is out of control of his life.” – Derek […]

2017 Conference

From Classic, Universal, to Google Tag Manager: How to Safely Defeat the Beast

I was drawn to Sylvia Nicosia’s talk on migrating to Google Tag Manager as our institution moved about a year ago and I wish I had more knowledge about it at the time. Sylvia shared step by step instructions in her slides on how to set up, test, and install Tag Manager, but here are […]