2017 Conference Management & Professional Development

#MPD4: “I Have All These Apps – Why Can’t I Get More Done?!”

Amy Calhoun’s session description was certainly intriguing – save enough time to take Fridays off? Yes, please! Amy introduced her talk with this video: Amy’s first bit of advice was to take the word “busy” out of our conversations. “To me, busy implies that the person is out of control of his life.” – Derek […]

2017 Conference

From Classic, Universal, to Google Tag Manager: How to Safely Defeat the Beast

I was drawn to Sylvia Nicosia’s talk on migrating to Google Tag Manager as our institution moved about a year ago and I wish I had more knowledge about it at the time. Sylvia shared step by step instructions in her slides on how to set up, test, and install Tag Manager, but here are […]

2015 Conference

Memories from Milwaukee

Wait a minute – “Memories from Milwaukee”? Isn’t the 2015 HighEd Web National Conference in October? Yes, but this year we’re headed back to the same city that hosted the annual conference in 2012. We already know the 2015 schedule will be fantastic, with Bill Nye and Scott Stratton as keynote speakers, but for the […]

2013 Conference

Facing your fears: Is a mobile app challenge right for you?

Cornelia Bailey is a Strategic Innovation Consultant at University of Chicago. At #heweb13, she gave us some insight into the mobile app challenge she has directed now going into its third year. Whenever you begin a mobile app challenge, it is important to ask yourself two big questions: “Why would we do this?” “How much […]