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Effective Social Collaboration

Eight tips to jump start your social community.

Six Questions

Six Questions with Chris Nixon

Chris tells us about launching the membership model for HighEdWeb, adoption of the UoA Web Style Guide and the truth behind @maybechrisnixon.

Management & Professional Development

Simplify, Simplify: Working with Faculty in the Technical Fields

What’s the best way to work with faculty in very technical fields, or with material that is tough for the public to understand?

Workplaces Revealed

Workplaces Revealed: Kerri Hicks, University of Rhode Island

Standing up at her desk for the most of the day, Kerri shows us her office, candy dish and Bendy Bacon Guy.

Association News Regional Conference

Association News: HighEdWeb New England; Call for HighEdWeb Board Members

HighEdWeb New England, Call for HighEdWeb Board Members

Boxers: The Why Can’t We Be Friends Edition

It’s The Holiday Season, and here at the Boxers that means our thoughts turn to the worst holiday song of all time, pulling out our Charlie Brown Christmas DVD…. and to watching cat fights between internet companies.