5 HeWebNE takeaways in 5 minutes

About 150 people attended HighEdWeb New England on March 18 and those in attendance heard mountains of great ideas from the presenters.  We picked just five to share with you, but there’s more plenty more to be found by following #hewebNE on Twitter.

From Lisa Doherty, of Northeastern University: “Show Don’t Tell” with images and quotes on academic pages. Show your prospective students “this could be you” and the opportunities available through experiential learning opportunities.

From Jason Smith of OHO Interactive: User testing will show how language and photos resonate with your users. Find user audience that YOU want seeing your site.

From Dave Tyler, of The College at Brockport: Have a reason to host a twitter chat. Find something newsworthy, and listen ahead of time.

From Lori Packer,  of the University of Rochester: “Find the marvelous in the meh.” Consider the opportunities for content and always strive to have the best content

From Svetlana Kouznetsova, SVKNYC: Closed-captioning at large campus events are not only necessary for deaf people, but for those who do not speak English as their first language.