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presenter at a conference gestures in front of a crowd.

Pre-conference pairing: Academies + workshops

The HighEdWeb Annual Conference provides a variety of learning experiences for higher education professionals. This year we’ve made it easier to build a pre-conference schedule that will provide two days of hands-on, small group learning. Last year, the academies made a schedule change that allowed

The .edu lifecycle: governance surrounds operations, evaluation and strategy

The importance of web governance in higher education

Mark Greenfield serves as the director of web services at University at Buffalo, and he will be presenting Web Governance at the 2017 Leadership Academy. It’s a two-day deep-dive, immediately before the HighEdWeb Annual Conference, that offers leadership training to web leaders and managers. In October, I will be

Host a Regional Conference in 2016!

The HighEdWeb Association will provide up to four grants to teams in different regions of the country who respond to our request for regional conference proposals (RFP). These grants will constitute the funding and resources to hold 2016 HighEdWeb Regional Conferences. To complement the association’s grant

Gettin’ Schooled on LinkedIn University

In August 2013, LinkedIn rolled out a new feature, University Pages, in order to help students make a decision on their future institution. It sounds great for them, but for social media managers, it might just feel like one “new thing” to figure out. LinkedIn