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Let’s discuss! Continuing the conversations from HighEdWeb 2019

HighEdWeb is hosting online community group discussions with some of your favorite presenters to discuss a variety of topics.

Remember those great community group discussions that we had back in Milwaukee at the annual conference? Our members have been asking to keep these conversations going, so we’ve listened. If you weren’t able to attend the discussion you wanted, or weren’t able to attend the conference last year, this is a great opportunity to get involved in these discussions.

Members discussing a topic in a group

HighEdWeb is putting together online panels with some of your favorite presenters to discuss  a variety of topics. We will be taking questions from attendees during the event and will continue the discussions on Slack.

Community group discussion topics

Here are the topics (and corresponding Slack channels):

Review the discussion schedule

Sessions begin on May 28, 2020. We’ll record the discussions, so please visit the Membership Community to watch a session replay. And check in to the associated Slack channel to continue the discussion. (Need to join the HighEdWeb Slack workspace?)

This is a members-only event. HighEdWeb offers several membership classes, including a free general membership for higher education digital professionals. Become a HighEdWeb member.

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By Brian Piper

Brian Piper is Director of Content Strategy and Assessment for the University of Rochester Department of Communications. Brian has been doing SEO and web content optimization since 1996. He has created online training programs for hundreds of companies including Xerox, Carestream, Kodak and Volvo. He has spent the past 7 years focusing on data analytics, digital marketing and content strategy. He is currently diving into Web3, blockchain and NFT applications in higher ed.

When he's not creating data visualizations, he teaches wingsuit skydiving and spends time with his wife and six children.