Toolkit: September 2023

Toolkit is Link’s roundup of tools and tips to help get you through the workday. In this inaugural edition: whiteboard animations, testing content for screen readers, and a midday art oasis.

Meet Toolkit, a regular collection of tools and tips to help HighEdWebbers through the workday. Here, you’ll find resources for higher education web developers, accessibility experts, marketers and more.

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A whiteboard animation of business strategy ideas
Source: Adobe Stock

Try your hand at whiteboard animations

Have you ever wanted to create a whiteboard animation? Animations such as the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) explainer videos require help from an artist to create. However, with script in hand and a bit of technical savvy, content creators who don’t, won’t or can’t draw can use VideoScribe to quickly create a whiteboard animation. VideoScribe offers a 7-day free trial and advice on how to write a script for an explainer video.

Test your content for screen readers

Blind and visually impaired people often use screen reading software to consume web content. NVDA is a free screen reader that you can use to test and experience your content the way a blind person would. Download NVDA for free from the NV Access website.

A person uses a laptop with headphones.
Source: Adobe Stock
Gardenat Sainte-Adresse by Claude Monet 1867
Source: Monet Society

Take a midday art break

For an artistic oasis in the middle of your day, check out Monet Was Here, a website by Google Arts & Culture in collaboration with the National Gallery and 17 other collections.

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