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Workspaces Revealed: Jonathan Woolson

In this edition of Workspaces Revealed we meet Jonathan Woolson, web content manager at SUNY Fredonia.

Workspaces Revealed is a recurring column that gives a peek into the spaces and places HighEdWebbers do their magic. In this edition, we meet Jonathan Woolson, web content manager at SUNY Fredonia.

Jonathan Woolson has worn many hats during his 17 years at SUNY Fredonia. In his current role, he focuses on web content management, events management, code development, and all of the data that comes with managing an university website.

Jonathan Woolson headshot

Workspace philosophy: 

I’m 1.98m / 6ft-6in tall, which means that most standard-size office furniture does not work well for me to use in long sessions of website management tasks. My workspace philosophy is to be able to have several different dynamic working options, each offering sustainable, neutral body positions that don’t cause harm or fatigue.

To address those ergonomic goals, I use a large monitor, programmable split keyboard, sit-stand desk surfaces, and a HAG Capisco ergonomic chair. When I’ve had extended work sessions without these ergonomic elements, I felt the excess tension and fatigue return remarkably quickly. I built two custom desk work surfaces in our garage, and brought them into the office during the pandemic.

What one item would you grab if you had to vacate the office for an emergency?

In case of a fire, I’d probably mourn the loss of my HAG Capisco chair. Yes, really. 

After that chair, I’ve found that the combination of split monitors and a programmable split keyboard have both made the greatest improvement in my daily productivity, and this assessment about efficiency factors is reinforced whenever I have to work on a laptop screen and keyboard at a table for any lengthy duration. 

After several years using this custom ergonomic workspace, I’d have some difficulty parting with any aspect of it.

Bonus Content: Interested in learning more about Jonathan’s ergonomic set-up and why that split keyboard is so effective? He says, “I’ve written up a lot more nerdy details here.

Jonathan’s Workspace Revealed

view of workspace; large desk with two monitors on larger, clean desk, with window looking out on campus.

The primary work area of the office provides two monitors and a split keyboard. I prefer a low-clutter workspace, using the storage under the desks to manage all the little bits and bobs.

The secondary work area is used to spread out materials for review.

view of Jonathan's desk on the right side, with a shelf with office supplies and various knick knacks, soft lighting
other side of jonathan's desk, with plants and trinkets, with window with sun shining in

Plants and a window are essential for my mental health.

A detailed breakdown of the split keyboard with two pointing devices. The keyboard is cut into the desk surface to remove wrist flex and forearm tension.

split keyboard, with controls in the middle
office plan showing jonathan's desk set-up

The office plan for a long, narrow floor space illustrates how closely the custom desks fit into the space.

Thanks for showing us around your customized-to-you workspace, Jonathan! (And you’ve certainly inspired us to do a posture-check while reading this!)

Workspaces Revealed

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