2023 Conference Content Strategy Web Strategy

5-minute website improvement guide

In their Best of Conference-winning presentation, Mackenzie Huber and Whitney Tabbert share a six-part rubric for making your website more usable in 5 minutes flat.

2022 Conference Design

Neurodesign: UX and attention, color, memory and cognition

Andres Zapata from idfive dives into how neurodesign can inform UX and design. Learn more in this partner article for the 2022 HighEdWeb Annual Conference.

2018 Conference

Give content contributors the AX, or Authoring Experience!

Presented by Nikki Massaro Kauffman Web developers, designers, and content creators focus a lot on user experience, or UX. It impacts everyone who visits our websites. But one audience we don’t spend much time and energy on is the gaggle of content contributors we rely upon to make the day-to-day updates, to write the articles, […]

2016 Conference Usability

We Can All “Do” User Experience

Even with a small web team, user experience should and could be a big part of what you do, explained Jason Kammerdiener, Lead Information and Digital Architect, Colgate University, in his “We Can All ‘Do’ User Experience” session. All universities have forms for prospective student inquiries, college visit appointments, and collecting gift online. “It’s a […]