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Colgate University's chapel.

We Can All “Do” User Experience

Even with a small web team, user experience should and could be a big part of what you do, explained Jason Kammerdiener, Lead Information and Digital Architect, Colgate University, in his “We Can All ‘Do’ User Experience” session. All universities have forms for prospective student

A screen grab of seniors celebrating at Colorado College by spraying champagne.

360-Degree Video: We Live In The Future

Arielle Mari, Mark Lee, and Karen To from Colorado College presented a post-lunch session on 360-degree video. (You can find all their examples at 2cc.co/heweb16 — and looks great on mobile!) 360-degree video allows potential students a literal window The team’s first foray into 360

Web Accessibility: 30 Tips in 45 Minutes

Web Accessibility: 30 Tips in 45 Minutes Terrill Thompson, Technology Accessibility Specialist, University of Washington Here are the tips: 1. Add ALT text to web pages and documents. Most people forget to describe the image effectively. 2. Use headings properly. Most people forget h1 tags