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The right people using the right tools for the right reasons

Give ’em some social media love. The right people using the right tools for the right reasons (UAD 10) Alana Riley, Associate Director of Web Design & Social Media, Providence College

Alana jumped right into her talk with a series of resources. These tools offer images and support materials from this talk:

While content is “king,” Alana felt that being authentic might be more valuable. This is the right people part of the story, because you need people to create content that they care about and they have to be willing to build relationships.

For the tools aspect, “you don’t need to use all the tools, Figure out where you audience is and match to them. Connect where they are,” said Alana.  Especially seek out students and ask what they use and what they want. New to Providence College, she was surprised that students did not know about some of their social media channels.

“BUT, if you are on a channel, be on that channel!” she says, don’t bounce people from twitter to facebook without a good reason. Perhaps a photo album. Learn how to maximize the tool. Facebook makes a tiny image to a video link, post a photo instead and broadcast it on timeline. Draw people into the story.

Think of social media as a connection. Not marketing. “People have a desire to connect and if real, you will attract more people.”

Shared a video produced by students around the Late Night Madness basketball kickoff. The joy the students felt at being Friars was palpable. It connected across the audiences in various ways:

  • Staff: I’m proud to work here
  • Prospective: What a great sense of community, I want to go there
  • Current student: This is a fun place to be
  • Alumni: Proud to be a Friar
  • Everyday individual: That was authentic, I’m curious about them

Reasons for social media? Create a game plan, audit, review, evaluate and deploy. Work to be consistent so visitors can trust content they see. Support the social media team and help them understand tools. Use consistent hashtags and educate community to use them too. Try to limit repetitive content that might turn people away.

“Social media is meant to be fun – you can find the balance.”

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