2016 Conference Usability

We Can All “Do” User Experience

Even with a small web team, user experience should and could be a big part of what you do, explained Jason Kammerdiener, Lead Information and Digital Architect, Colgate University, in his “We Can All ‘Do’ User Experience” session. All universities have forms for prospective student inquiries, college visit appointments, and collecting gift online. “It’s a […]

2016 Conference Management & Professional Development

50 Case Studies Later, Have We Learned Anything? Running an Internal Web Agency at Stanford

What happens when you take Stanford’s School of Humanities and try to centralize the school’s web resources and support across a nursery school, an archaeology collection, a slang dictionary, a collection of 10th century manuscripts, and a variety of academic departments, interdisciplinary programs, and research projects? Dustin Liang, Web and Operations Manager, Stanford University, and […]