2019 Conference Accessibility

AUD4: Simplified Accessibility Guidelines for HighEd Content Contributors

In her role as Web Content Coordinator at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Norma Stary has power many of us dream about—and what’s more, she uses this power for good. She’s a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Concepts, and it shows in the way she governs FIT’s web presence. With file type–specific directories, automated site […]

2018 Conference Accessibility

Be Human, Be Kind, Design With All in Mind

Presented by Amanda Frisbee How do you dream? For many of us, it’s visual or audio. For Amanda Frisbee’s deaf and hard-of-hearing colleagues, “It’s more telepathic. Things just sort of come to us.” English is a second language for many people in the Deaf community, who may process information more intuitively through American Sign Language […]