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How to Give a Red Stapler-Winning Presentation

Learn how to give an award-winning conference presentation from HighEdWeb Red Stapler honorees.

Association News

Meet HighEdWeb’s New President: Aaron Knight

Aaron Knight, associate director of web services for the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, became HighEdWeb’s president in November and will serve in this role until May 31. 

2021 Conference

Partner Article: The Modernization of Higher Education: Navigating New Challenges in a Digital World

NOTE: As part of our sponsor agreements with Annual Conference sponsors, we occasionally post information provided by our sponsor-partners on their behalf. This is one such article. Thank you and enjoy! The COVID-19 pandemic significantly altered the way that colleges and universities approached academics, campus life, and internal operations. While some experts claimed that the […]

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Join the discussion: accessibility and web governance groups meet in August

The HighEdWeb Community Groups continue on Zoom. And you’re invited!

2018 Conference

Welcome (and thanks to) our #heweb18 sponsors

Every year our HighEdWeb Annual Conference sponsors provide value to our attendees through the content, services, and products they provide, both during the conference and throughout the year. Not only that, but they’re fun humans, and have a ton of knowledge about our industry and about the products and services their companies offer. We’ll be […]

2015 Conference

Learning to Love the Anonymous User

Presenter: Jason Fish (@jasondfish) For more information about this session >> Before starting his session on apps like YikYak and Yeti Campus Stories, Jason Fish warned his audience, “Some viewers may find this disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.” Because let’s face it, for many of our institutions, the only times we hear about these apps […]

2015 Conference Content Creation Marketing

Bare Bones Content Strategy: Simple Ideas for Sustainable Change on the Web

Presenter: Rick Allen (@epublishmedia) More information about this session >> Rick Allen presented #mcs4 on Monday, and gave the room a simple, easy way to approach content strategy. Content strategy on any college campus should start with a cup of coffee and a question: “What should people learn when they come to your website? Let’s help them […]

Content Creation Marketing

What Higher Ed Marketers Can Learn from a Box of Bullshit.

On Black Friday, 2014, the popular company Cards Against Humanity sent out an email with information that was spread even more quickly on social networks.   The message was clear. You had the chance to buy some new bullshit from Cards Against Humanity, as better described by clicking the “Consume” button in the email. Cards […]


Conference first-timer shares HighEdWeb regional experience

Editor’s note: Joe Fitzsimmons is a web developer at SUNY Oswego. He wrote this post for his personal blog and allowed Link to reproduce it here. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my first conference. HighEd Web Pittsburgh by far exceeded my expectations and I’m glad it was my introduction to these types […]

2012 Conference

You have an iPhone. Now What?

You Have an iPhone. Now What? Brent Passmore, Director of Web Development, University of Central Arkansas, and Carrie Phillips, Director of New Media, Arkansas Tech University Did you just get an iPhone? Looking to use your iPhone to do things better at work? Brent Passmore and Carrie Phillips have some suggestions for you. Both Brent […]


Mobile Demystified at untether.talks

Nicholle McGill reports out on mobile’s next steps

Technological Developments

The Science of Games: Why the Game Layer is the (Present and) Future of the Web

The basic tenets of play enable us to explore new and innovative solutions in safe spaces, to experiment in ways perhaps not possible in “real” life, and to motivate one another (and ourselves) to take much-needed and desired actions.

2011 Conference

#heweb11 Best of Conference! — Carrying the Banner: Reinventing News on Your University Web Site

In February 2011, Tufts launched TuftsNow, an integrated news space for the university, with the goals of “telling good stories” and “presenting and delivering those stories well.”

2011 Conference

I’d Buy That For a Dollar: What Robocop Can Teach us about Alumni Engagement #heweb11

View Session Description and Presenter Bio Photo by Kate Raynes-Goldie, Flickr. A statue of Robocop is being built in Detroit because a number of people came together on an online fundraising site and made it happen. Jeff Stevens would spend a dollar on this, and so would a whole bunch of other people. Jeff Stevens presented […]

2011 Conference

Lost in a Map: Understanding the Direction of Your Campus Map #heweb11

View Session Details and Presenter’s Bio. Photo by quinn.anya, Flickr. The first thing Nick Catto has for anyone who is working on a campus map project is this: “Why are you doing this to yourself?” It’s not really as simple a project as it may seem to be on the surface, and Nick has a sense […]