2014 Conference Social Media

Digital Fundraising on the Social Web – Part I

Ashley Budd of Cornell University gave social media folks the ammunition they need to go back to their campuses and get the buy in they need from advancement offices – that social is not just “fun” or “cute.” It’s a serious – and we mean serious – fundraising tool. There could be tens of thousands […]

2014 Conference Management & Professional Development

Mix it up! The art of remixing content – #mpd2

It was a full house in Skyline II for Conny Leigl’s session, “Mix it up! The art of remixing content,” so much so that this Link blogger had to take notes by hand – you can’t laptop it up without a lap. Leigl is a senior designer for web, graphics and user experience for the […]

2014 Conference

Going GREEN with Content Strategy

· The highest number of LEED certified buildings in the county (175). · Two-hundred fifty miles of bike paths and lanes. · The first major U.S. city to ban plastic bags. With its 92,000 acres of green spaces, Portland, Oregon, is not just shades of olive, emerald and lime on the outside; the Pacific Northwest […]

Social Media

A Flurry of Photos and Other Ways to Experience Snow Days on Campus

“Snow day” could be defined in two ways. First, the snow day in the traditional sense that most of us who grew up in areas that experience winter remember as kids — the kind where there is NO SCHOOL! Second, you also could think of a “snow day” as simply a day that blankets campus […]

2013 Conference

Lessons Learned from a Lockdown: Using Web and Social Media in a Crisis

Presenters: Kerri Hicks and Cindy Sabato Track: Management and Professional Development (#mpd6) Winning a red stapler award at a HighEdWeb conference means presenters must do a reenactment of their award-winning session. In the case of Kerri Hicks and Cindy Sabato of University of Rhode Island, their presentation WAS a reenactment – a lively, engaging and […]

2013 Conference

Social Media TOS Crash Course

Social Media TOS Crash Course Karine Joly #mpd3 Warning. What you read here today could be outdated tomorrow. Social media terms of service (TOS) can change. Often. Karine Joly of Higher Ed Experts helped HigherEdWeb attendees navigate through the wordy, often confusing, TOS from major social media platforms. Also, she covered copyright law and shared […]

2012 Conference Content Creation

Terrific Teaching Technology Tales: Marketing Through Stories

Presenter: Jamie Oberdick, Associate Editor, Publications, Penn State University Showing not telling. That’s an important lesson taught in the craft or creative writing. Jamie Oberdick, associate editor of publications, at Penn State University uses story-telling to market the products and services offered by his division. His presentation covered why creating fresh content is beneficial, how he […]

2012 Conference Applications and Standards

WordPress to the nth Power: Multisite and Beyond

WordPress to the nth Power: Multisite and Beyond Curtiss Grymala, University Webmaster, University of Mary Washington Last year about this time, University of Mary Washington launched its new website using WordPress (WP) for its CMS. In the intro to his presentation, Curtiss Grymala, webmaster at UMC, explained that the overarching university site comprises 250 sites […]

2012 Conference

Fast Forward Five: A Look at Higher Ed Web in 2017

Hundreds of higher education Web professionals head to the HighEdWeb conference each year to learn the latest and greatest in our exciting and ever-changing industry—that is, what is happening right now. And faster than we can master these new skills, we return “home” to our campus to find the higher ed stork has left behind […]

Six Questions

Six Questions with Rachel Reuben

Rachel Reuben: higher ed digital marketing rock star.

Workplaces Revealed

Workplaces Revealed: Donna Talarico, Elizabethtown College

Donna Talarico is integrated marketing manager at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pa. She loves cheese, craft beer and Scrabble.

2011 Conference Social Media

Social Media: The Good, The Bad and the BS #heweb11

COR7 was the session that was turned inside out, upside down. As in, there was no speaker. Instead, the attendees led the show. And, in fact, the entire conference—and even the world—can also participate. “This is not a presentation – this is collaborative. There is work to be done here,” announced Brandon Croke, one of […]

2011 Conference Management & Professional Development

Project Management According to Attila the Hun #heweb11

View Session Details and Presenter’s Bio. The Feast of Attila, by Mór Than (1870) Daniel Frommelt took HighEdWeb attendees on a journey from the technology of today to an ancient world where a young, nomadic, future king with a bad attitude was, unbeknownst to him, contributing to modern project management. Daniel, fueled by something inside […]