2016 Conference Content Creation

Pics or It Didn’t Happen: How to Get the Most from Your Photos and Videos

Everything is being captured today. Universities and colleges are producing massive amounts of pictures and videos covering various events, happenings, and everyday situations happening on and around campus. The content is shared on social media, websites, digital signage, and used for press releases, fundraising efforts, as well as included in various promotional material. Martin Vloet, Director […]

2013 Conference

Rethinking Your Online Forms: No Assembly Required

Rethinking Your Online Forms: No Assembly Required Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO Jaret Manuel, Director of Business Development Veer West LLC / Cedric and Jaret started their #heweb13 session with a quick intro of FormAssembly, a web form management solution that serves over 6,000 customers, including over 70 higher ed institutions. Cedric worked at […]