campusM – Mobile Apps Your Students and Prospects will Love

They say that actions speak louder than words. oMbiel has certainty done enough talking about the campusM mobile platform in the past three years. And not without success – campusM is now used to develop and host mobile apps at more than 25-percent of UK universities. But we live in experiential times, and people value having something tangible that they can try out for themselves when faced with something new.

That’s why we’ve developed myCU, the mobile app of campusM University (CU), an institution of our own invention. I hope that it will both inform and entertain you. The entertainment value lies in the splashes of humor that you’ll come across while exploring the content of myCU, which, for the main part, represents faithfully the content and services that universities are making available on their mobile apps, using campusM.

myCU caters for the range of stakeholders that today’s universities engage with. So as well as course content, library, and other campus services aimed at students, we’ve also got a fictional conference, with its own venue maps, programme, speakers and even delegate lists. Our imaginary prospective students will find all the information they need to choose the right course and make an application, and alumni can choose to get involved with a number of communities located around the world.

I’m really looking forward to giving HighEdWeb delegates a guided tour around the myCU app. It makes use of most of our out-of-the-box features, and shows just how customizable the campus platform is for building and deploying university mobile apps. There’s also a short video you can watch to go through key features of the app.

campusM University may be fictitious, but the myCU mobile app could not be more real. So why not download it today from the app store? Like all campusM mobile apps, it’s available on all leading smartphones and tablets at