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Future of Social Media in HigherEd

What a Tumblr Learned Meerkating His Periscope?: The Future of Social Media & Higher Ed presentation pitched by Ron Bronson was a completely different animal by the time we met in MCS 11. Ron admitted that when he proposed his idea to #heweb15, he thought

The Web Culture Shift

A successful web content strategy requires support from people all across an organization — people with a wide range of experience and comfort levels when it comes to web work. To get our people invested in web content and thinking strategically, we first need to

Tragedy, Pitchforks, and Twitter

It was a tough spring at University of South Carolina. With a campus shooting, blackout, and a student incident that went viral, in addition to weather-related updates, the social team was busy… busy learning lessons on how to manage mobs, keep parents calm, and provide

Is Tumblr Right for Your School?

Wendy Darling from Emory University wants everyone to decide “Is Tumblr Right for Your School? and if yes, to get started. As curator of a blog on Art Deco architecture, she’s become a power user over the past four years and has several tricks to

Applying Progressive Enhancements to Multimedia Content

Nikki Massaro Kauffman, Interface Designer, Penn State World Campus,  and Heather Dawson, Instructional Designer, Penn State World Campus presented MCS#8 Applying Progressive Enhancements to Multimedia Content to describe how they approach the myriad requests for video production. Their presentation was focused on online course content, but their approach works for any

Stand Back… I’m Going to Try Science!

  Karlyn Borysenko blinded us with science Tuesday afternoon at #heweb13. Borysenko, a marketing manager with Eduventures, showed her audience how to conduct research into the wants, needs and habits of their respective audiences. Borysenko, armed with a lab coat and a tie-dye shirt, took

Can Something Positive Come from This?

Dave Tyler, Social and Digital Media Manager, The College at Brockport, SUNY On Sept. 30 2012, a freshman at The College at Brockport State University of New York was found beaten to death in her dorm room. Her hometown boyfriend was been charged with her

Instagram: Make Crowdsourced Photos Work for You!

Presenter: John S. Murphy Social Media Specialist, Brown University http://2013.highedweb.org/EventDetail.aspx?guid=0cdb2b8b-14a2-41d5-ad7c-ec0cf2b3f9dd If we Instagram a session about Instagram, will the universe collapse? Let’s see, shall we? Check out #BrownUniversity for the result. Over 10,000 instagram photos have been submitted to the Scene by you at Brown