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Digital Fundraising on the Social Web – Part I

Ashley Budd of Cornell University gave social media folks the ammunition they need to go back to their campuses and get the buy in they need from advancement offices – that social is not just “fun” or “cute.” It’s a serious – and we mean serious – fundraising tool. There could be tens of thousands […]

2014 Conference

Centralized or Decentralized: The Hybrid Social Media Approach

On some campuses, there are silos between departments. Ok wait, on pretty much every campus there’s silos. We’ve all been there, as has Chris Barrows from NYU. He’s not only dealing with the silos on his campus, but the multiple academic centers around the world, as well as two other degree granting institutions on the […]

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Stand Back… I’m Going to Try Science!

  Karlyn Borysenko blinded us with science Tuesday afternoon at #heweb13. Borysenko, a marketing manager with Eduventures, showed her audience how to conduct research into the wants, needs and habits of their respective audiences. Borysenko, armed with a lab coat and a tie-dye shirt, took the 100 people in the audience through differences in and […]

2013 Conference Social Media

Instagram: Make Crowdsourced Photos Work for You!

Presenter: John S. Murphy Social Media Specialist, Brown University If we Instagram a session about Instagram, will the universe collapse? Let’s see, shall we? Check out #BrownUniversity for the result. Over 10,000 instagram photos have been submitted to the Scene by you at Brown campaign in the past year. It’s impossible to have a […]