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Welcome to Link! A new adventure for HighEdWeb

The goals of Link are simple: take the sharing opportunities that exist at the annual HighEdWeb conferences and make them happen online all year round!

Design Marketing Six Questions Usability

Six Questions with Jared Spool

We caught up with Jared Spool to talk about the trends he’s seeing, what his best user experiences have been recently, and to get some important information about Julia Child.

Management & Professional Development Social Media

Engaging Ambassadors

The number of social media platforms, user communities and interactive opportunities continues to grow. Budgets don’t. So how can communicators deal with this evolving landscape? One way is to use the most rich and robust resource available: students.

The Working World

Skywalkering It

In the summer of 2009, I was about done with higher ed. In two different jobs at two different colleges, I felt as though I was always being held back from doing all I could do online, mostly due to political nonsense that had nothing to do with meeting goals and objectives.

Workplaces Revealed

Workplaces Revealed: Lori Packer, Web Editor, U of R

I work for the University of Rochester’s Creative Services area in the basement of Wallis Hall (or as we prefer, “the garden level”) with the graphic designers, photographers, and print publications folks.